Strength and Hope

Edification, consolation, aids to Theosis. There are enough Orthodox blogs out there willing to point out in greatest detail what is wrong with this world. Holy Orthodoxy isn't about lamenting over what is wrong so much as rejoicing that what is wrong with this world can be made right, can be deified.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christ, the Chief Cornerstone

Fr. Schmemann is right. The fulcrum of our life here, the fulcrum of the Church (Christ's continuing presence in this world) is the Eucharist. Participation in the Liturgy and other services constitutes the primary ascesis of the Church. Fasting, vigils, simplicity, and spiritual readings find their empowerment, their validity(!) in relation to Christ's willingness to meet sinners at the Royal Gates.

Else we are just a quaint Eastern civic organization that shakes its collective fist at all the evils troubling our world.


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